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I am now a jew without Sfekot!

Hello, if you remember this post:

It was me, turns out, I really was jewish, my mother explained that we were of Sepharadic descent and test showed it also plus the fact that my mother kept some family minhagim.

Also, that some story of forced marriage happened a few generations ago, an arab Sheir married my ancestor on my matrilineal side and the descended had Islam as religion.

So what I did was to come to Israel on a turist visa, explain everything, started going to a Haredi yeshiva did a so called Gyur Lechumra, showed up in front of the Beit Din (in Mea Shearim) three time and got tested twice (i failed the first time, they where very scary). So they ultimately accepted me, shecked my pp, said it was kosher, then I whent to the Mikveh, but just before diving they took a bit of blood, made my dive and said no bracha.

Btw I have to say that contrary to most gerim I was Chayav leMitzvos, I put on tefillin, and actually my first pair of teffilin were passul so my Rav bought me new one (He is a great man), also I did shabbat without melacha, I had my tallith katan on me and went outside just in case.

That’s how I got a Haredi gyur from one of the hardest beit din of Israel, I saw the beit din first time ever 2 weeks before Purim (they asked about the matsav ext) had my first test one week before Shavot and got out of the mikveh for good in the middle of Tishrey. Since it was a month of Ben Asmanim I got it done pretty quickely.

So yeah, to the haters of yesterday, Hashem was with me in the end wasn’t Him?

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