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Black. Jew. Not Hebrew Israelite. Not Kanye. Not “Blacks are original Jews”. Not Kyrie.

It’s exhausting. You should not be hearing Black people talking about their Jewishness or being a Jew and going into instantaneous attack mode. The fact of increased Hebrew Israelite visibility has absolutely been used to justify both blatant and insidious anti-Blackness.

Black people are also NOT a monolith and the idea of pervasive Black anti-semitism because you see a Black celebrity say something doesn’t mean it has majority support within Black communities.

If I reduced the entirety of my fellow Jews down to even significant minority of Jewish racists, I as a Black Jew should arguably feel Jews are anti-Black as a community. I don’t feel that way.

Please stop asking Black Jews if we chose to be Jews or if we were born Jews. It isn’t your business. It shouldn’t be assumed either way. We don’t have to tell you about our bet dein if we did choose to be Jews. We don’t have to tell you about our parents. We don’t have to be quizzed on Jewishness. If you’re curious about someone who is Black and a Jew, that’s understandable. That doesn’t mean I have to oblige and after over a decade of questioning, I’ve more than been understanding and answered the questions enough.

And I did choose to be Jew. Please stop telling me I don’t sound “Jewish enough”. I didn’t stop being a Black American when I became a Jew and so I’m not going to use Yiddish terminologies. I am gonna “sound Black” and speak Black American English and that says nothing about the legitimacy of the process of how I became a Jew. Matzo ball soup is delicious Jewish cuisine but you come to my Jewish house and you’re gonna get cornbread and collard greens.

Black Jewishness shouldn’t be a threat. All the other Jews aren’t going to disappear. It means that God kept his promise Abraham.

EDIT: Hebrew Israelites don’t come to temple. Why would a Hebrew Israelite be at temple??? That makes no sense. Someone said they worry about Hebrew Israelites infiltrating when Hebrew Israelites believe our temples are “synagogues of Satan”. If they believe they are angels, why would they infiltrate a space they see as Hell??? It makes no sense. And as I said above, people are using Black Jews as proxies for their anger at Hebrew Israelites.

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