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I am namer98, AMA

I was recently going through the AMA request list from the 2019 survey, and I felt this is an easy one to fulfill. On that note, I am happy to contact anybody you want to do an AMA. You just need to give me contact info for them. I tweeted at a bunch of people on the request list, and you all can see the upcoming Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg AMA. That isn’t the only upcoming one either, one more is currently in the works.

About me: From NY, went to college in Binghamton (where I met my wife), and I currently live in Baltimore. I grew up Traditional (drive to an orthodox shul when it rains, maybe drive to the beach after the shul in the summer). I found Rav Hirsch in high school and now constantly lament how I never fit in. I am a data analyst, which means I know lots of excel and can make pretty graphs. I have been married for over 8 years and have two cute little girls.

I have been on reddit for over 8 years, modding here for over 7. That means I have been a mod here for around half my adult life, which is kind of scary. Also, most of my post college life.

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