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I am Muslim and have some questions

I have been feeling this weird pull towards Judaism (it’s tough to describe, maybe “inclination” would be a proper word). I’m unsure why this is happening even though I’m a practicing Salafi Athari Muslim. I haven’t necessarily been fond of Judaism—which is why this whole thing is so strange.

I constantly think about Hebrew letters and Jewish religious books, or I find myself interested in Jewish prayers. It seems like all my trains of thought end with something to do with Judaism, even if they started with unrelated topics, like when I’m going to the gym or learning a programming language.

It’s so bizarre. Especially considering I was never exposed to Judaism until 2-3 years ago, which happened only through a meme, I saw on Twitter.

This “pulling feeling” started randomly about a year ago. It’s like an extreme interest that won’t go away. I want to learn about the faith so this “pulling feeling” can stop. Therefore, I’ll let go of some of my previous beliefs/stereotypes to learn with an open mind.

Some basic questions I have:

(1) Is it allowed or even possible for me to learn/study Judaism in real life? I’m willing to pay for courses if needed

(2) What are some excellent books that discuss the basics of religion? Like beliefs, creeds, practices, holidays, etc.

(3) Is Judaism a race? I’ve heard that Jews are a race my entire life, but then I saw that there are white-looking Jews, Mediterranean-looking Jews, and even African-looking jews.

(4) Do practicing Jews worship anything other than God? Do they think the dead in graves can intercede for them, or do they pray to Prophets or righteous people?

Any answers are appreciated

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