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I am meeting "ultra-orthodox" Jewish gentlemen next week – please help guide me!

Hi – I am dropping into this sub-reddit for some advice please, if I may?

I have a profressional work meeting next week with an ultra-orthodox Jewish family, that I do not know well. About 10 phones calls, normally very business focused but with some interesting small talk too.

The gentlemen are flying into the European city I work in from Jerusalem for a meeting.

I am not Jewish myself, I come from a western atheist background. I do not know much about the religion if I am honest, just the general holidays in the calendar and the high level basics.

I want to be respectful and helpful to them so I’m graciously asking for advice as how to treat and be around them. Besides of course treating them with the courtesy and respect as I would any of my clients or people I work with.

Are there any cultural tips I can please have?

Is it normal to offer a meal or drinks after a meeting? Is it normal to shake hands? Is it normal to discuss politics, Israel… etc.. Is defining someone as ultra-orthodox an offensive thing?

Is it likely to be very formal down to business or should I expect pleasant small talk and expecting to take them out somewhere nice afterwards? They are essentially visiting to discuss business and a contract we are working on. They are extremely wealthy!

This meeting is super super important for me so any advice very welcome. I want the clients to feel welcome, appreciated and respected!

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