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I am interested in Judaism but I feel bad and confused?

I hope this is the right place for this and if not I’m sorry !! I don’t know how I should start this but basically my father is Muslim and my mother is Christian so I was already the product of a confusing mix of religions but for the past couple of years I’ve been really interested in Judaism and have started to consider converting. But converting is a long journey that I have to be very dedicated to but I just feel bad about it and worry about making a mistake, I haven’t ever felt personally connected to Christianity but I have been connected to Islam I just don’t agree with it fully but I’m East African it’s deeply ingrained in my culture and I love my culture and I feel like I wouldn’t be considered Jewish enough if I did convert because I can’t just get rid of my East African roots or traditions. I feel like I wouldn’t have a community to help guide or support me and like I’d stick out like a sore thumb so I’m just confused right now. Can anyone offer advice or even just Jewish creators who talk about Judaism so I can do some of my own research?

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