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I am exhausted from the antisemitism

I am exhausted from the antisemitism

As you probably know Kanye West has been antisemitic this last week and previous years as well.

I honestly believe he has been getting away with it for as long as he has been because he is black.

I know that sounds bad but I feel it’s the truth. If it was a white rapper or white celebrity who was saying all this shit for the last 10+ years they would’ve never gotten away with it after saying it once.

I am not sure what the % is in America of Jews. But in Australia we are 0.3% of the population.

More info but Muslims are 3.2% as well as indigenous people. These groups are also considered minorities.

So in Australia I don’t feel safe telling everyone I am Jewish straight up. Because of the Palestinian stuff and shit like Kanye.

Arabs in Australia and some indigenous people do follow many black rappers & take part a bit of their culture into their own. So yeah they will be believing and using what Kanye says is the truth.

Which in Australia it’s not the truth at all.

I don’t understand how Kanye hasn’t been cancelled by his own people or by the main public yet.

I am sick of the fact Jews can’t just live without being criticised how we live. Even tho throughout history Jews have helped and supported black Americans and Black Australians.

If you are from the USA what are you guys doing about Kanye?

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