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I am convinced that God hates women

I am not sure if there are any women in this subreddit, but I’ll post this anyway. I want to read both women and men’s perspective on this. I want to know the religious perspective, from whoever is reading this. I need hope, because right now, I feel hopeless and depressed over all of this.

As a woman, you have to experience pain your entire life. You go through period pain, that, no exaggeration, feels like you are being stabbed with a knife all over. Then, when you want to bring children into the world, you have to go through loads of crazy things during, and then when you give birth, it is the worst pain you could ever feel. Then, even when it is over, you get permanent health issues, mental health changes, etc. You can even die during it.

Plus, it’s so unfair that when we want to have relations with our husband, it has to hurt. It has to hurt the first time. Why does everything have to be painful for us?

My religious friend told me recently, that men pray every day to God and thank Him for not making them a woman. When I found this out, my heart dropped. And then I felt rage. And the fact that men in general don’t seem to have empathy or any understanding about this, makes me so sad too. I have never met a jewish man who even thinks about this stuff. Who understands. And if I talk to a man about it, they are judgmental and don’t want to hear it. Why?

I used to really pray to Hashem. I have always been spiritual. But lately, due to all the pain I have been experiencing, and all the different terrible things other woman go through that I have discovered, I am starting to feel so angry towards God. I can’t even pray to Him. Why are there so many intricate, random, different types of things that can go wrong for woman? Unnecessary pain, throughout the years. I can’t think about Him. It truly does feel like we are being punished in this life. Why do men have it easier?

Please- do not tell me men have it harder. I understand there are things you guys have to do, especially supporting family. I know things are hard for you too, of course!

But you can’t deny woman go through pain that traumatizes you, changes you, leaves you with new health problems, or changes in your brain that leave you with depression, anxiety, or whatever else. I have seen it, heard it, things I feel like men don’t even know about. We have to go through pain throughout our entire life, with no break. And we have to experience hundreds of things that affect our body and mind. It’s not fair.

I need someone to please, tell me if it even talks about this in Judaism, in detail.

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