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I am Avraham Bronstein, I rabbi in the Hamptons, and I enjoy cantorial music. AMA

Hi, everyone – my name is Avraham Bronstein. I’m a rabbi at The Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach, NY. During the summer it is super busy and exciting. Now, it’s calmer, quieter, and peaceful.

My wife, Daniela Weiss-Bronstein, is a proud Redditor and recent LCSW who is working on her PhD and building a practice as a sex/relationships therapist. She’s the smart one – I try to keep up by doing the dishes. We have four kids, 15 through 6, who attend schools across Queens and Long Island.

AMA – I’m looking forward to joining the conversation at 9:00pm EST

I did my yeshiva learning at Yeshiva University and Yeshivat Har Etzion/the Gush. At the former, I was a charter member of Rabbi Jeremy Wieder’s semikhah-level shiur (I think he was still doing his doctorate at the time), and I counted Rabbi Ozer “Anthony” Glickman as a mentor. My BA was in computer science, which probably means I really should have been spending much more time here on Reddit all along!

When I’m not in the Hamptons, I teach 5th grade Chumash and Mishna at HANC – Hebrew Academy of Nassau Country, where one of my kids is currently a 6th grader. Sadly, neither of our class representatives won the school-wide dreidel competition today.

I’ve never really written as much as I’d like to, and I tend to focus on op-eds as opposed to longer articles. Some examples: * Haaretz * The Forward * JTA * Requisite Times of Israel Blog

I tweet way too much at @AvBronstein, and I’ve been giving up on Facebook.

More recently, our synagogue has begun televising programming on JBS – Jewish Broadcasting Service, which is exciting for us: * our cantor and choir have pre-recorded a LOT of the music they would sing in shul that we produce into Shabbat “services” that air on weekends. Some services, like Selichot, that take place during the week are televised live. * the concerts and programs that we host are edited for television and then aired. The upcoming one is a concert we produced over Thanksgiving Weekend with our cantor and choir, along with four leading female cantors from across the country. It was spectacular. * an author discussion series I host each summer airs now – weekly, in November and December. In last week’s episode, I interviewed Michael Shnayerson, the author of a biography on Bugsy Siegel

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