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I am a Reform Convert – feelings of "not being Jewish"/impostor syndrome

I have Jewish ancestry on my father’s side and was raised Christian. I recently converted to Judaism through a Reform Beit Din and I love it and my community is great and I have been accepted wholesale by my Synagogue community.

However, by the Orthodox and Conservative movements and by most people in them I am seen as a gentile. I tried to purchase tefillin last week and I was told because I did not have proof I was member of an Orthodox shul I couldn’t purchase a set. Online I get told that I am not really Jewish a Reform conversion is not “real Judaism” and to be considered Jewish I need to convert through Orthodoxy. My local Chabad House has also been pretty rude to me, and told me it is best I don’t come until I convert their way. I realised from day one that my conversion would not be universally recognised but I didn’t know the rejection would be that deep. It really hurts and feels totally invalidating and sometimes I have been considering a second conversion.

It doesn’t help that the elements of Israeli government want to ban Reform converts from making aliyah.

On a superficial level I am mixed with East Asian so don’t conform to the stereotypical Ashkenazi “look”. The vast majority of Jews where I live are Azkhenazi, regardless of stream.

Am I Jewish? Has my conversion been a complete waste of time?

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