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I am a non-Jew can I visit a Chabad center?

Today, I visited the Holocaust Memorial at the local Chabad center. I was warmly greeted by the rebbetzin who gave me a tour of the memorial. It was a very pleasant experience, and I felt excited visiting my first synagogue. The first thing that I noticed when I called to enter was her New York accent (I’m from the American Southwest). She was very helpful and informative. I went back to the synagogue and waited for her. As I was walking through the hallway I noticed the Ark. I wanted to go inside and see the space. I asked if I could get a tour and she happily agreed.

She started explaining a few basic things (which I already knew from my own studying and research). She then pointed at the tallit and asked me if I knew what they were. I misspoke and told her those were teffilin. She corrected me and I said something about them containing the shema. She was surprised and I told her that I had been studying Judaism. I asked her a few questions, but looking back at it she was preparing for an event and looked busy. Yet she was so patient.

As I left she gave me a calendar and told me “Here’s a Jewish calendar so you can learn more about Judaism.”

I was so thankful to have had this experience. I have been interested in Judaism and have researched a few things here and there. I finally saw many of the things I researched about in person. She showed me the teffilin, the tallit, and different sefers. I really want to go back and speak with the rabbi. I am interested in attending a Jewish service to see what it is like.

Now, I’m not interested in becoming Jewish. I herd Chabad doesn’t sponser that. However, at this point I am what you would consider a Noahide. Would it be a wise thing to contact the local Chabad center and ask them to learn more about Judaism? I am honestly curious. Noahides are very lonely, they have no community.

From what others have told me Chabad does not spend their time on goyim, they would rather spend their efforts reaching out to Jews. I do not want to bother them.

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