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I Am A Gentile, But Want to Return To My Jewish Roots. Would I Be Able to Convert to Judaism Through A Reform Rabbi?

Shalom all 🙂

I want to get back to my jewish roots. due to persecution my paternal great grandma had to convert out of judaism and marry a non-jewish man. (he never knew she was jewish it was later found out through a local jewish community near my father that informed him of the persecution)

It is officially confirmed through family documents that she was jewish. I understand orthodox and more conservative sects need an unbroken maternal chain, but I don’t want my jewish heritage to die due to persecution in the past.

Do reform rabbis accept gentile converts who have jewish ancestry or a very rudamentry understanding of judaism? I understand a little about the Jewish tradition, Calendar, Yom Kippur, Shabbat, and the Jewish diaspora and grew up with jewish family friends who would do the traditional shabbat candal lighting when they would visit us (we would participate too)

-Thank you for your time 🙂

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