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I am a Christian (Calvinist/Baptist hybrid) who has recently taken a deep interest in Jewish history, culture, theology, and its relationship with Christianity…

Lurking this sub has helped me correct a lot of my assumptions and misconceptions about Judaism and the Jewish people. Even if our religious beliefs differ widely and our interactions have been tragically antagonistic historically speaking (which was entirely Christendom’s fault, unfortunately), I do indeed have a lot of respect and for you guys in broad terms.

I know Jews are (in)famous for having diverse opinions politically, theologically, socially among even the same individual so I ask this fully knowing it to be broad welcoming multiple answers:

How do we as Christians in the Western world build a positive mutual understanding between our communities? What is the best way for us Christians, whether religious or merely cultural, in a post-WW2 society to have a “something” that isn’t cynically (Evangelical Zionism) or by pity motivated.

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