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I am a born Muslim and need some help before committing to this life-long journey into judaism

I was raised in a muslim home, I did my five prayers, fasted, read and studied quran. Around 5 months ago, I’ve started getting a great interest in the jewish people. Pretty ironic, since my father, and mother to some extent have a great hatred towards the jewish people, which after my little research all seemed based on baseless stereotypes. The quran talks a lot about the jewish people, moses and its people are mentionenned around 150+ times , while muhammed was mentionned around 4 times only.

I’ve read and attented many conferences for the last months and I’m now certain that the truth resides in the eternal torah. When I was in islam, I considered myself as a believer, but not anymore. Now, I am a knower, I know for a fact that torah is divine and was sent to the ibn israel on mount sinai, there is no other way around it. I was proposed to simply follow the seven laws of Noah , but I need more, I want more. I want to be drenched in the torah and it’s teachings, never in my life I was so blown away by a subect more than the jewish people

Before making this life long comittement, which would require many sacrifices, I need to learn even more. I need your help, where should I start, in order to learn more in a meaningful way. I did not read tanakh nor any portions of it.

Can you guys guide me on where should I start? Should I go in translations ? Should I go directly to a rabbi and express my needs ? I need guidance please and much help would be appreciated.

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