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Husband wants to return to his Jewish roots. I have no issue with this, except…

Okay, my husband is 1/2 Jewish and decided he wants to be active again. He’s looking into joining the local reform synagogue. He wants to include our kids too and wants me to come with, even if I don’t want to convert.

I have no problem with this, except that I am pretty anti infant circumcision. Extremely so. My husband agreed it should be up to the individual and we didn’t circumcise our infant son. I wouldn’t have even had children with him if he didn’t agree. I made sure we agreed on this when I learned he was Jewish.

I’m concerned this will become an issue if he wants to include our young children. I don’t care if he wants to have them involved in other Jewish things, but circumcision I will not budge on as long as our son is too young to decide for himself and am worried this might come up.

(Should also mention here that if I am ever involved in any events with Jewish people I of course won’t remark on circumcision even if it comes up. I’m in their space and will keep my mouth shut. I probably wouldn’t convince anyone anyway.)

Thanks for any advice.

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