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Howdy, I have 4 questions regarding the Temple.

  1. Did God ever ask or command the Hebrews to build the First Temple to take over the Tent of Meeting, or was it simply an endevour that King David chose to undertake along with Solomon and was accepted by God?

  2. Was the First Temple built on top of the Tent of Meeting? Like did they just set the Tent up there and build on top of it? Or did they transfer everything out of the Tent ad into the Temple?

  3. Are there any videos (animated or reenactment) that demonstrate how Tent/Temple worship was carried out? Reading the Torah and Books of Kings it’s interesting – but without any sort of video or even pictures it’s kind of hard to imagine.

  4. Do any liturgical texts of the rituals exist? Like the the burning of incense twice daily or the meal offering? What’d they do? What’d they pray?

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