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How would you react?

This Shabbos I was walking with a friend to shul for minchah when something happened and I’m curious how some of you would react.

I was walking with a friend to shul when a group of college kids shouted “Jews!” We both wear Chasidic clothing, visibly Jewish. Long frocks, furry headgear, etc. They shouted it from behind us, so I was alarmed at first. Saw no threat, and kept walking.

We live in a long established Mid Western Jewish community, that has a small college nearby, and in recent years it has boomed, with in influx of Orthodox Jews from other Midwestern communities and the east coast.

We’ve had a lot of hate crimes against Jews. Bottle throwing, slurs, swastikas, assaults, and threats. Some boys were paintballed a few years ago in front of a shul. I’ve been verbally harassed from cars twice here in the span of five years.

So my reaction was heightened, but when I saw it was gaggle of college kids I just turned around and fumed about it. I live here. This isn’t a zoo.

I saw the group head into the liquor store nearby. Drunk kids getting drunker. The question is, do what? Write to the Dean of Students, city council? Get drunk next Shabbos and wander around their campus (probably not)?

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