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How would I go about telling Atheist parents parents that I want to convert/am in the process of conversion?

Title. But for more explanation, they used to be Christian when they were younger, and because of said experience decided to become atheist (especially my mother). I think my mother would be more accepting, but definitely still worried. My father, on the other hand, tends to go towards more the *anti*theist side (despite having a much less restrictive Christian upbringing compared to my mother).

I don’t know how to go about it without causing a serious rift. Again, my mother might be easier to tell, but with my father it’s a whole different situation. I’m also relying on them for financial support while I’m in college. I wouldn’t think they would cut it off, but I also don’t know that for 100% certain. I would make it if I really needed to, but I’d rather just avoid it.

And yes, I’m legally an adult.

EDIT: Messed up the title. extra “parents” in there

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