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How will the coming Messiah come to know that he is the Messiah?


Ignore my username. It’s a jinx basically.

I’m interested about the (Orthodox) Jewish view of the Messiah and, in particular, how the Messiah will know he is not psychotic or schizophrenic.

Will his suspicion be validated only when he is revealed to “all”? Or will it come as a surprise to the Messiah? Or will he be known to be the Messiah by “all” for a long time before he himself knows that he is the Messiah?

How will the technicalities leading to his Messianic suspicion play out? How will he believe he is the Messiah if it comes as a surprise? And finally, what would be the purpose of people pretending that they don’t know he is the Messiah?

Feel free to answer other related questions that I didn’t ask about the Messiah.


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