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How to support my partner rekindle his Jewish roots?

So, my fiancé is by blood Jewish on his mother’s side (I recently found out I am, too!) and the current war, and antisemitism that has been revealed by it, has inspired him to want to connect with his heritage.

I was raised Catholic, but am super happy to support him with this! I told him we can have a “Cathowish” home, where we celebrate all events including the Shabbat, Passover, Hanukkah and all others.

I’ve read a little on Judaism, but would like to know from You all if there is anything else I could do, or anything you’d appreciate from a loved one in terms of your Faith? 🙂

We live near to London, UK, so if any groups are about that would be good to know of, please suggest them.

I want to be as respectful as possible 😊

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