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How to Reconnect with my Jewish Heritage at 26. Where do I start?

My father is Jewish as well as that whole side of family. My father and everyone in his family attended Hebrew school as a child and had a Bat Mitzvah. My mother is Christian as well as that whole side of my family. My siblings and I were not raised very religiously. I never went to Hebrew School or anything. We celebrate both jewish and christian holidays loosely. We attend church only on holidays and never temple. As a kid we would celebrate the major Jewish holidays with relatives but now we hardly do which makes me sad. I did go to a christian summer camp as a child as well as catholic high school so I have a good understanding of the Christian religion but only a very basic understanding of the Jewish faith. I have always identified more with the jewish religion as well as identify as a Jew when people ask.

I am now 26 and having an urge to become a practicing Jew but not sure were to begin. There are many temples in my area but I have never gone and am afraid I will not know what to do or recite since I can’t read Hebrew or know much about the traditional prayers. Were should I start? Can I simply start going to temple? What days are the most common to attend? Im also worried that family will think very strangely of me or even think im being fake is I start to embrace my Jewish heritage. Any advice?

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