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How to pursue interest in converting to Judaism?

Hello! So, I am in an interesting and possibly odd position. I am of Jewish heritage (Ashkenazi specifically), though I am not halakhically Jewish (i.e. my mother is not technically Jewish, as her father was Jewish, not her mother). I have not been raised Jewish, except for celebrating Chanukah and being raised to appreciate and be proud of Jewish culture.. My parents (whom I live with, being only 18) are both atheists and believe religion is all a bunch of fairy tales meant to control stupid people.

However, despite being raised in such an environment, I feel a very strong pull to Judaism, the religious side in particular. I have done a lot of research on the process of conversion. I have also (slowly) been reading the Tanakh and doing other research on Judaism and what it is to be Jewish. In doing this research, I came across Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal and found it resonated with me, so if anyone here is associated with them, feel free to reach out to me!

Now to the jist of the post: I feel that I have reached a point where I want to pursue conversion to Judaism. I understand that it is a great burden to convert, but I feel as if it is what I need to do. There is a synagogue in my town (Reform Judaism) so I think I will reach out to the rabbi there, though I don’t know how things are being handled right now during the pandemic. If anyone could give me advice on converting or anything that might be helpful to me, I’d really appreciate it.

On a secondary note, I do have an interest in Kabbalah as well. I know that is something that is more for after you have converted, but I figured I’d add that here.

Thank you for any and all help and advice you can give me!

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