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How to please my Jewish Mom?

So my girlfriend (F18) and I (M18) have been dating for about a year. I really like her, she’s a kind, smart, thoughtful, and hard-working person. However, my mom is adamant about me marrying someone Jewish and thinks that the fact that she isn’t fully Jewish is a large part of why she’s not good enough for me.

For context, her dad is Jewish but not practicing, and her mom is very Catholic, although my girlfriend doesn’t feel connected to that at all. We’ve discussed it, and I think we both feel the same way about religion as a whole.

I personally don’t really believe in God, I don’t believe in prayer, or anything like that. I’m more of a spiritual/cultural person and I feel that the only part of Judaism I actually care for is the community and the traditions.

My girlfriend feels a similar way, she doesn’t really care about religion just the community. We’ve talked about living a somewhat Jewish life in the future if we were to ever get married, but the main concern is my mom. I just want to be able to be with who I want without caring their religion, while still satisfying my mom if I can. (It’s funny because my Dad’s side of the family is technically Jewish but they hardly observe the religion at ALL. My dad is basically an atheist, just does Jewish stuff for my mom)

Anyone have a similar situation or advice they can give me to please her?

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