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How to pick out/buy a kiddush set/cup for wedding?

Context: I wasn’t raised in a particular religion but I am aggressively culturally a Los Angeles Jew. My dad was the first in the family to marry a non Jewish woman. My dad experienced a lot of antisemitism growing up and my grandma (his mom) was not so much ashamed of being Jewish but wanted to assimilate to non Jewish traditions because of antisemitism (my grandpa was against this and hated that they celebrated Christmas in addition to Hanukkah for example).

That’s the very basic background. I consider myself Jewish. I look Jewish, my 23&me literally says 50% ashkenazi, and I’m very proud of my origins. I consider myself a Jew through and through, though I know that some family members don’t consider me Jewish at all, even my own brother.

Traditions are new to me and I’m still learning, a rabbi will be marrying my future husband and I (he’s not Jewish), but we’ll both be stepping on glass! And there’s not room for a chuppah but we will be doing the kiddush portion of the ceremony. I really don’t even know what that will entail or how the kiddush cup is used, I’ve done Shabbat a few times so I know there’s use there and I know in Passover. I wish I were a better Jew in this regard. The rabbi is asking us for the story of our kiddush cup to include in the ceremony but I don’t even know where to buy one or if I should get a set. Any insight on purchasing one or any insight on its symbolism is more than welcomed!

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