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How to make mom friends with Orthodox parents?

Hi all! This question might be a bit ridiculous, but I figured I’d ask anyway!

I live in the middle of the orthodox/Haredi neighbourhood in Toronto, and have a 6 month old little guy.

On our daily walks to the nearby park, there are always families with lots of little ones hanging out, and I would love to get to know our neighbours. Thing is, were reform, and everyone around here is Modox or Chabad.

I understand that their kids wouldn’t be able to eat/play at my home since we’re not shomer Shabbos, and there would be other limitations. We’re often avoided at the park, since we’re not obviously Jewish.

Has anyone had positive experiences meeting and getting to know/making friends outside of their respective denominations? Any suggestions on breaking the ice, or do we have to start going to a Chabad shul to do so? Is there kiruv for families?

I know Reddit isn’t for setting up playdates, but if you’re local let me know!

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