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how to keep sabbath as a non Orthodox Jew

I (23) have been struggling with my faith for quite a while now, but I’ve finally been in a groove where I read scripture/midrash every night and say shema. I used to hate reading. I’m also a lot more cognizant of my behavior, my deeds and my speech.

To preface, I am Jewish but do not want to become orthodox in the full sense. I simply want to be closer with my Creator and I believe that also includes embracing the 10 commandments, one of which is keeping Shabbat.

Im moving to an apartment without SS people, so my question is – how to do it?

Loneliness is also a huge concern for me. If I’m not in an orthodox apartment/family/friend group, how do I find people to spend time with? I don’t want to be isolated all day, as I feel missing out on the simple joy of company on Shabbat defeats its purpose.

Thank you all,

Shabbat shalom

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