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How to join a synagogue/what to do?

Hi all, I’m 18 years old and my family is Jewish but extremely non-observant (even celebrating holidays is rare) and so over the last few years I’ve felt extremely isolated from any sort of Jewish identity – heck at this point I’m questioning if it’s appropriate for me to refer to myself as a Jew. Over the last year, I’ve begun learning more about Jewish culture (and religion to a lesser extent, I haven’t really read much Torah). I feel kind of uncomfortable taking a step like joining a synagogue A) because I lack knowledge and B) I feel uncomfortable being “actively Jewish” around my family completely alone but I figure if I truly want to be committed to learning I should join some sort of Jewish community. I’m leaving for college in 3-4ish months (NEU babyyyy go huskies) and am joining the college Hillel but don’t feel “Jewish” enough to do anything right. My main question is how do I go about joining a synagogue and attending services? I genuinely don’t know anything down to what to wear and when to go to services and what to do at services, literally anything so I’m scared out of my mind. Any advice/help on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much

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