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How To: Jewish Representation in Media

So I’ve been watching the new marvel series for Mrs Marvel, which does a fantastic job of representing Pakistani Americans; and the tensions between their culture and fitting in to America.

It got me wondering how you would represent being Jewish. Religious Jews are obvious. Israelis, come on! But how would one represent being a secular Jew living in America.

Characters like Moon Knight retain the Judaism, but it’s not essential to their character. He could have just as easily been Irish and it wouldn’t have changed the story. Seinfeld type Jews are represented as cartoon characters with little culture beyond living in NYC and liking bagels.

I grew up secular and always felt very apart; always from the outside. Secular Jews became a part of the American fabric when there was a strong pressure to assimilate; not to stand out. As a secular Jews I new I was different, but desperately didn’t want to stand out (maybe that was just me). I struggle with how to explain or represent that in a story.

How would I create a Jewish character that actually makes different choices than any other american?

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