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How to get rabbinic counseling if not currently a synagogue member?

I have been going through some life challenges, and I’m feeling rather lost. I have a therapist, but I’m feeling that I also need rabbinic counseling to navigate the situation. However, I’m not currently affiliated with a synagogue. The rabbi at my previous congregation retired several years ago, and I don’t know any other rabbis in the community.

How do I find a rabbi for pastoral counseling if I’m not a member of a synagogue? Do I just cold-call/cold-email rabbis (or their assistants) to try and get an appointment? How much detail do I give about my situation? Will I get a response if I’m not a synagogue member? If I get a response, will I have to become a member or make a donation? Also, I’m conscious that the High Holidays are approaching, I imagine that many rabbis are pretty busy this time of year.

In case it matters, I live in the United States, in case customs are different in other areas.

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