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How to explain to my significant other what being a Jew means and what it’s actually like to live as one

Hi everyone,

I recently came across this subreddit and I’m very glad I did. I am a Jew who has been dating a non Jew for about 5+ years now. She is always struggled to understand what it’s like to be Jew and the challenges we face.

She always questions why I’m “ashamed” or “hiding” being Jewish. I live in an area where their are very few Jews and unless it’s someone I trust completely I choose to withhold the fact that I’m Jewish both with Jew Acquaintances. It’s not that I don’t think most people would be accepting it’s that all it takes is one person.

As for her she’s always very vocal on social media and has been very outspoken with the BLM movement. More recently she has sympathized with some of the commuinist ideas and disdain for the U.S. The very ideology that some of my family had to flee from in Europe to avoid certain death.

She has been dead silent on the rampant antiSemitism that has taken over social media these past few weeks while continuing to ignore what I’ve tried to explain to her previously.

In the past she claims she was unaware Jews faced any hardship and that she’s never even seen it before. She once said “the Jews control Hollywood” and I had to explain to her that sentiment is antisemetic and claimed she didn’t know. It feels as though she doesn’t want to understand or at least look past what we are facing in favor of causes she finds more politically relevant and popular.

How can I explain to her not only what it’s like to be a Jew but help her understand the challenges we face everyday. Sorry for the long post!

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