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how to explain the phenomenon of jewish anti-semites?

lately there’s been a lot of anti-semitism. but anti-semitism generally doesn’t surprise me anymore, it’s common knowledge that a lot of the world hates jews. what does phase me, however, are the small minority of jews who are anti-semites.

i think this term is sometimes confused with far-left jews who are anti-zionist/pro-palestine. maybe this could be seen as one form of it, although i certainly don’t think being anti-zionist necessarily makes you an anti-semite at all. proof of this is haredi anti-zionists who are extremely proud to be jewish.

what i’m talking about specifically are jews who may defend and spread hitler’s ideology and jewish conspiracy theories, be part of and/or support a neo-nazi organization/hate group and who vehemently hate their own people as well as other minority groups. in more recent times, people like Bobby Fischer, Harold Nathan Braunhut and Dan Burros have been prime examples of this. older examples could be Theodor Lessing, Karl Marx and many others.

anyone have theories as to why or how this exists? the only explanation i can think of is internalized anti-semitism in which the bullied become the bully. this probably acts as a defense mechanism of sorts which ‘spares them’ of anti-semitism being directed at them in the future. similar to the Stockholm syndrome in which victim develops feelings of affection towards their oppressor/captor.

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