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How to engage in faith-based community as an adult?

I’m 22 and I don’t know anyone at this point in my life who practices any religion and so I thought I would reach out to my old RE teacher (post covid) and also seek guidance from people of the faith I am strongly considering joining.

I understand traditional practice and scripture study because that was part of my high school education (elective subject). I really enjoyed participating in the abstract discussions of my RMPS class and supporting other students’ spiritual wellbeing as part of the chaplaincy team (for all and no religious beliefs) and I realised recently that I wanted more structure around my beliefs and to find community.

Following other people in student politics who are Jewish has shown me that there is a really rich culture and community in everyday life and online, I just don’t know how to even find other young practicing people in my area when my university’s JSoc is more for the club nights than faith. Jewish people aren’t exactly plentiful in Scotland compared to other nations either..

I also don’t know if I want to go to Temple for a lot of reasons. Going through a strictly literalist interpretation of the Bible in primary school did so much damage and I’m essentially afraid of going through that again as well as other common experiences like homophobia and ableism.

If you have any resources or advice, I would really appreciate it!

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