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How to deal with antisemitism amongst coworkers?

I’m don’t follow Judaism, but thought this would be relevant to this sub.

So my job entails of going to different facilities that belong to a certain client to provide a service on behalf of the company I work for.

So I’m at work, sitting next to my coworkers and my supervisor, and a visibly jewish gentlemen walks in the room (I say visibly because he was wearing a kippa) with some other maintenance workers, discussing the condition of the room. The jewish gentlemen seemed to be the one directing what was going to be done and pretty much dictated the whole conversation.

They eventually left, and the first thing one of my coworkers said was “Damn, they own everything”, and I instantly knew what he was talking about, and then my supervisor got in on it and started talking about how jews financed the holocaust. My coworkers know I’m jewish, knew I was present, but for some reason still felt comfortable saying these things.

I’m convinced that antisemitic ideas and remarks have become so entrenched in society, that many have become desensitized, and don’t realize the history behind these ideas, leading them to espouse these tropes comfortably and openly, as if it saying it were no different than saying “the sky is blue”.

After work, my coworker came up to me and told me he hoped that I didn’t feel a certain way about what he had said earlier, and that he doesn’t mean any ill will towards me as an individual, and I told him it was cool and that I wasn’t offended, when in reality, although I don’t believe he himself hates jews, it did disturb me to hear those things said, especially being that it was said so close to me. I had always heard of these stereotypes and conspiracy theories, but I had never heard someone say them with my own ears, it sure did rattle me for the rest of the day.

Should I have taken the opportunity to say something? I was scared that I would appear self righteous or annoying but in retrospect, I do regret not saying anything.

How am I supposed to go about dealing with these types of situations?

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