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how to date and get married in judaism

Hi I went to chabad for a year near me but recently moved across the country for a job , I plan on becoming part of a shul near me again though. I met this girl at the shul I used to go to , we are both in our 20s and we have been texting for a year and I really like her alot and met in person a few times at shul on shabbat. I honestly coulnd’t think of a better way to meet someone and I just went there to try to practice my religion, I wasn’t trying to meet any girls or anything, it just kind of happened. I grew up secular so I don’t know how to date and get married the Jewish way. I was thinking about taking her to disney world and proposing there without people we know around , with maybe a ring or something, I don’t know what else to do . I was thinking about calling my old rabbi and asking him for dating / marriage advice. I don’t really know what I am doing and I need help. Thank you.

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