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How to cope with collapse of the current world

I am not a nut job. I am not going to predict the future. I am just observing what is happening today. If you say that the world isn’t in the gutter right now, you really gotta open your eyes. I’m 21, reform, and I see that the world is changing around me for the worse.

It’s not cold in winter like it was when I was a kid. It’s not normal for this to happen. It’s snowed twice in Chicago this year. Maybe three times.

Permafrost will melt as we go on even more and there a a great potential for viruses and bacteria to be unleashed that we have no immunity to.

AI, a war in Europe, fascism on the rise, and no retirement for me. I will not live to see myself die of old age, and it’d be cruel to being kids into the world even though I want to be a good father one day. How can I cope with my limited time left during this “collapse”? I want to do as much good as possible and experience as much as I can but I have so little time.

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