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How to classify a מכלל שבת בפרהסיה in a place no one knows you?

Spent this weekend at my Orthodox brother’s home. And he told me of a dilemma he had this Friday.

He has a client who identifies as modern orthodox. She is a member of a modern orthodox shul and her kids are in day school and orthodox camps. On Friday, the client called my brothers colleague who was sitting next to him and he took the call on speaker. The client said she was currently in Hong Kong & was leaving work soon for dinner, so could he please send her a certain report soon. My brother looked at the clock and realized it was 2 hours after candle lighting in Hong Kong at the time of the call. The client was still at work on shabbes, but in a place with few Jews and probably fewer, if any, who knew her.

My brother doesn’t want to interfere in the woman’s private life. But he’s torn about notifying people in her community, many of whom he’s friends with, of the incident. Because they would be concerned about chezkas kashrus and stuff.

If someone is publicly mechalel shabbes but no one around knows they are Jewish, what is their halakhic status? What would you do in the situation?

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