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How to avoid temptation, in a Jewish way

I apologize for the possible controversy of this post.

I am an early 30s American man, secular, and I’ve come to realize that beautiful women have too much control over me and my thoughts. I do not have a porn addiction, but instead the problem is with the “soft porn” sex appeal constantly being used to grab your attention on social media platforms such as Instagram, tiktok, and even Facebook. I find myself automatically drawn to click on these but then realize there’s no actual.. content. And I just wasted my time as well as probably made myself less accepting of my next “normal looking” partner.

Another problem is I live in NY and oh boy do young women not wear much in the summer! I usually try to avert my eyes and not be a creep but I really resent being distracted.

What is the Jewish answer to this? Thanks

Update: any comments about me resenting women (which I said nowhere in my post) will not be dignified with a response

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