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How to actually support Jewish students right now

As many of us have heard things are super tough for students on college campuses. What you are seeing on the news is a FRACTION of what’s happening. These past 6months have been a nightmare for Jewish students and this week it’s reached a boiling point. Without doxxing myself I’m heavily involved professionally in conversations about keeping our Jewish students on campus safe.

Here’s my list of recommendations that you a Jewish adult who is not a student can do: 1. Be true to your school. Alums for Campus Fairness is an amazing organization that keeps alumni up to date about incidents on their campus 2. See something say something- if there’s an encampment/ antisemitism at your alma matter/ local university email the university president and ask that immediate action be taken to address antisemitism. 3. Demand that antisemitism education is taught as part of freshman onboarding. Every campus in the US/ Canada has some type of freshman onboarding. Typically things like how to get accommodations/ fill out forms/ racism is bad are taught. While these are super important it’s also key we incorporate antisemitism education into this. Furthermore students need to be taught how to fill out bias incident report forms. 4. Divest + reinvest. Do you give $30 to your alumni association every month? Call them up and say you are pulling your funding however small and reinvesting it into Hillel/ Chabad on campus. 5. Are you a local? Call up your local Hillel and offer to host students for Shabbat dinner. Many students are eager to physically get off campus and spend an evening calming down with a local family. You can also volunteer to run errands for your local campus Jewish professionals. Things like hauling bagels for a Bagel Brunch on campus takes up valuable time that could be spent talking to students. 6. Donate. Many Hillels and Chabad’s are having to hire security and that’s $$$. Combine that with the fact that many Jewish students feel unsafe in dining halls right now so they are also serving as a dining hall for Jewish students the cost adds up. 7. It starts at home- get involved with your local school district and insist comprehensive antisemitism education be taught in public schools

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