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How should one feel about applying to/working for German companies that collaborated with the Nazis?

I’m Jewish and in the biotech/pharma industry, relocating to Europe soon once my contract in the US is over and a big chunk of the companies hiring people with my profile are German companies with ties (direct or indirect) to the Nazis. One even produced Zyklon B and was re-opened by a Nazi Third Reich business leader who became a Western Germany business official. They pay leagues above French/Swiss companies and usually have better employee cultures. On the one hand, I’d very much like to have a job offer on the table, but on the other hand I can’t really lie on my cover letters and interviews about being “inspired to apply for a job at this company” as if they were such a good charitable organization without bringing up the fact that they abused my grandfathers and their brethren during WW2. I have interviews and was considering saying something in the lines of “despite doing X and Y to my Jewish grandparents’ generation in Germany during WW2, the company today has <X,Y,Z> good points.” Should one suck it up and keep it professional with those kind of companies and not bring up anything? don’t want to scare off the HR people. it’s just a 1 or 2 year deal before doing grad school so it’s not like I’d stay forever with them. my resume includes scholarships from jewish organizations and volunteering with my JCC so they know I’m actively Jewish anyway

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