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how should i become more connected to judaism religiously and culturally?

i was raised… jew-ish…, my mom is jewish and she raised me and my sibling very “unreligiously,” so we don’t go to temple and we only celebrate hanukkah and passover. recently, i’ve started to learn more about judaism, and i want to become more connected to the religion and culture, but as someone who is pretty young and still lives in a very non-religious house, i really don’t know how to go about doing that.

I want to go to temple, but it’s a little strange for me to start going at my grown-ish age without any knowledge at all. I know nothing about judaism at all, so i’m really nervous to go to temple or even ask my jewish friends.

my sibling wants to go to hebrew school, but again, i’m just really anxious to be the only person there who doesn’t understand anything or wasn’t raised in a specific way.

i’ve been trying to find platforms where i can learn more about judaism online, but i can’t find anything where i feel like i’m not the only one who’s clueless ☹️

any advice? also please let me know if anything i said could come off as offensive, i mean everything in a genuine, curious way.

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