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How should I (a non-Jewish person) greet my grieving loved ones on Yom Kippur?

My best friend passed away last week on Wednesday, and we had a service for her on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. Her parents have been reaching out to me and our other best friend during this time, understandably, because we are all going through this tragedy. We are sort of a part of their family now, sharing stories and texting often and trying to cope with this. Like two additional daughters in their family, though we will never replace the one they lost.

I know Yom Kippur is coming up. In the past, we have been invited to participate in some of the Jewish holidays with them including Yom Kippur a couple of times. I won’t be seeing them on that day this year, as I had to return to my city after the service, but I want to reach out and call or text them on that day. I understand you don’t say “happy Yom Kippur” as it isn’t exactly “happy”. I’m especially curious what would be the best thing to say during this period of grieving? The few times I’ve participated in holidays with them I was only a teenager and just sort of went along with what they were doing without really understanding everything . But I want to say the right thing, especially now that this has happened AND I am an adult now. Is there something specific I should say? Is it different if I am not Jewish? I just don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Thank you so much! I also wasn’t sure what to flair this post with, I think that’s pretty evident haha.

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