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How on Earth do you Cite Patronymic Names?

I figured if anyone would know the best and most respectful way it’d be people here. I’m writing an essay for a class (secular university, philosophy of religion class) and wanting to cite, amongst others, the Rambam’s Guide for the Perplexed. We can use any referencing style so I’d defaulted to using APA but am open to changing if that’d be better. But I just don’t know how to put a patronymic name into either the bibliography or in-text citations, from what I’ve seen some sources use ‘Moses Maimonides’ which I get but it seems odd to me. What are you meant to do in the case of patronymic names, especially ones that don’t have Greek versions? Use ‘ben Maimon’ as though it were a typical surname?

Hopefully the venn diagram of Jews and style guide aficionados is nice and big.

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