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How meaningful is Jewish heritage in someone who is not Jewish?

How do you feel about people who have some Jewish heritage but it is on the male side of their family and they aren’t religiously Jewish? Do you still feel they share a common identity with you on some level? Is that someone who should still embrace that part of their heritage or is it more of an ‘in or out’ situation? Would you feel a connection to someone in these circumstances who is half Jewish? A quarter? 5%?

I ask because I recently discovered that I am 1/4 Jewish and I am honestly a little bit confused about my identity.

My (biological) father was a sperm donor and I found out through matches that it is his father who was 100% Jewish, so it is through the male side of my family (x2). Because it is through a donor I was also not raised with any connection to Jewish culture/religion at all and wasn’t even aware of any connection until I did the test.

Now that I found out I am trying to do a bit of research about Ashkenazi Jewish history and culture but since it is also a religious identity and as a cultural one is inherited through your mother, my question is what does it mean for someone in my circumstances who isn’t Jewish? I will learn about it regardless just for interest but i am a bit confused about where it should kind of fit in terms of my identity and wanted to know how Jewish people felt about it.

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