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How many of you consider yourself a religiously Jewish and carry or own a firearm for home protection?

Firearms have always been a part of my life growing up. My grandfather and my dad didn’t hunt, but for sport they would do skeet shooting and go to the range. When I was old enough to purchase my own firearm for everyday carrying, it felt like a huge goal that I reached. As time went on, and I became more religious, the halacha involved left me feeling confused. I want to be that Jew nobody messes with, but…is there a doubt of faith in that, or, does Hashem want us to step up when Never Again means we don’t lay down like sheep to the slaughter. Now we have the IDF and Mossad diligently maintaining order in Israel, with many of them Haredim. What about us in the diaspora? While in the US we have a total right to carry a firearm for self defense, are we really just asking for trouble? I carry a concealed firearm, sometimes an open carry firearm, and where it once felt like the right thing to do, I’m becoming conflicted in my old age. Hashem is supposed to provide protection for myself and my family. But Hashem has also given me the ability to learn KM and how to handle a firearm for self defense. For now, it stays in my safe on shabbos. But I’m thinking maybe it’s time to consider just keeping it in the safe all the time.

I dunno. It’s a polarizing topic. I’m just curious if there’s other religious Jews who struggle with the same thoughts.

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