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How many of you are named after a prophet or another major figure? If so, who?

And please specify whether it is your given name you use in daily life or if it is exclusively your Hebrew name. My given name is that of one of the most important prophets and sometimes it actually makes me… uncomfortable? I don’t know why. Sometimes I feel like it’s his name and not my name. I don’t want to change it or anything, it’s a nice name itself. This also causes Christians to make comments about it which is a little bit annoying to me! Not a big deal but I wish they automatically knew I was Jewish instead of thinking I’m Christian. It actually bothers me a lot when they say things about it to me. It happens often because I work at a Christian retirement home. Of course it doesn’t really affect my sense of self too deeply, only a little, and usually it is my name to me, naturally. But still, every once in a while I feel strange.

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