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how jewish is porto, portugal?

hey all! so i do trips for my and my bestfriend’s bday each year, and this year we’ve decided to do portugal (heavily leaning towards porto, MAYBE lisbon). i’m familiar with the history of jews in that region, and i know that portugal recently extended naturalization for portuguese sephardic descendants. my bday falls on the first day of chanukah this year 🙂 🙂 🙂 which i’m pretty stoked about, and i’d love to be able to celebrate that on this trip.

my big Q: what is the jewish population and traditions currently like in portugal? i did a quick search and it looks like there’s a single synagogue in porto, and right now it says it’s temporarily closed. is there a way i can make contact with anyone in that community for the holiday? are there other options available, or any info that might be good to know?

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