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How is this okay in 2024?

How is this okay in 2024?

This is a poster hung in the very middle of MQ Uni in Sydney (for the non-Australians, this is one of the main universities in Sydney, Australia).

What baffles me the most is that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this poster. I saw it hung around other places on campus a MONTH ago. Is this not blatant antisemitism? How on earth can someone hang up a poster that looks like it’s from Nazi Germany and then just go on about their day, facing zero repercussions, to the point where they can literally do it AGAIN every month? (I know the uni has CCTVs around campus!). The organisation behind this is literally on the QR code. Does the university or police not care? What has the world come to?

Not only this, but just yesterday the MQ Socialist Society (an OFFICIALLY recognised society by the university!) was in the middle of campus handing out anti-Israel propaganda posters (not their first time…) to all of the new students, indoctrinating anti-Jewish beliefs right from the beginning of their university journey. Does the university not see that their actions are exactly why these type of posters are tolerated?

I moved to Australia from Israel almost 7 years ago, and have NEVER felt so unwelcomed in any place up until now. There is something seriously wrong with the world at the moment.

If anyone else needs to unload any of their similar feelings feel free to do so in the comments… I’m listening.

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