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How Holocaust survivors helped me fight my suicidal thoughts.

Hi, this is a very personal post though ironically enough I have no personal connection to any Holocaust survivors. I have been very depressed lately and wondering if life is worth continuing. While I was having suicidal ideation a thought would often come to my mind. “What about the survivors of the Holocaust who continued?” That thought gives me courage. If they were THAT courageous with all the horrible things they had to go through then maybe I can be courageous enough to live my life. After all I never faced what they did yet they continued. Their heroic example gives me the strength to live. I will always be grateful for their bravery. My experience becoming a Noahide has given me a lot of new ways to combat my depression. Not only do I feel closer to God but I am beginning to see the story of The Jewish People in a way a never did before. I don’t completely understand God’s plan but if any good can be found out of a terrible situation then maybe it’s this and maybe like them I can use my experiences with the bad side of life to help other people who are having a hard time in this world. I will always thank those Heroes who showed us all that life is always worth living.

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