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How far away do you live from your synagogue?

My husband and I are moving to Denver, Colorado, and are in the home buying process. One thing that has been difficult for us is finding a suitable/affordable house close to a synagogue. Most of the synagogues in Denver seem to be concentrated in one area, and prices there are generally more expensive. We are not shomer shabbas and we are ok with driving on Shabbat, but we also don’t want to live too far away from a synagogue because I fear we won’t get as involved if we have to drive 30-40 minutes. We don’t have kids yet, but I’m pregnant and we plan to send our kids to Hebrew school one day, so I also worry about it being hard to drive them to Hebrew school after the regular school day. Plus, I want to find a good Jewish community in Denver to get involved with and feel like that will be harder the further away I live from a synagogue.

Curious to hear if there are folks who live more than 20 minutes away (driving) from their synagogue and what it’s like!

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