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How does the Shabbat work in practice?

Hi all

For context, I’m not religious at all but my wife has started following a Shabbat (she’s not “Jewish”, but some other type of thing she started following that I don’t know much about). She observes it Friday Sundown to Saturday Sundown and admittedly it does frustrate me.

It means we can’t do anything Friday evenings and during daylight hours on the Saturday. This results in events such as birthdays and dinners being missed if they fall on a Saturday, we can’t do a long weekend break because we can’t be using a hotel, for example, on the Friday and Saturday. Sunday turns into a day where everything is crammed in from all the children activities, grocery shopping and, potentially, seeing family and friends. The overwhelming majority of the time we just do the kids activities and grocery shopping on Sunday as my wife then wants to cook for the week and will be in a particularly bad mood if she can’t do this.

I live in London and only really know one practising Jew. I’m curious to know how the Shabbat works in practice for Jewish people (and not get too caught up with the context around my wife). Is it just the Sunday that it is observed? Can you visit friends? How does it work with holidays? Are there exceptions if there is a birthday dinner or something? Is travelling to a friend’s house acceptable?

Any information will be much appreciated. My wife’s new religion thing does frustrate me, but I’m trying to get an understanding whether it’s actually a usual thing within certain communities.

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